Introducing my multiple planners

When I first entered the planner world, I thought to myself, where have I been all this time! I can’t say my life was very well-organised before I was introduced to the planner community. I would either miss an appointment or totally forget something my 8 year old son had at school. I have always loved to plan, but it was never well planned… If that makes sense! Lol, it doesn’t.
I would have a zillion things to do and just looking at the loooong list would make me procrastinate the most important ones. It took a week of Instagram following and just over a few cups of coffee to get my head around using a paper planner.
I needed a system to manage the different affairs of my life. So, I jumped online, browsed a few videos, followed the planner community on Instagram and Pinterest, and came across some amazing women who not only kept their shit together in multiple planners but also made it their business! Hats off to them, seriously! I wish I could be half as amazing as them. Anyways, I was still looking for a system that worked.
I quickly found that the ‘real’ planner addicts are the nerdy-too-well-organised kind who love to keep every single detail of their lives on paper. This kind would have 10-15 or more planners and journals. One for each aspect of their life- daily, fitness, food, kids, gratitude, church, etc. I also found that some women simply love collecting planners for the sake of having them. Most don’t even use them all. Like women and shoes…Reminds me of Carrie in Sex and the City- “No I haven’t worn some, but some day I will” Haha.
Although planner decoration is something I am completely in love with, it can rather steal the focus from actually getting stuff done. So, I needed to find a way that would satiate my creative juices but also be functional and keep me on track.

Now, working full-time, being a mother, a wife and a student, an Etsy seller AND a blogger, that’s a lot to manage. I had to decide whether to have one or multiple planners. When I mapped out my organising needs, One-Size-Fits-All would definitely not have worked for me. If you are a newbie, I would strongly recommend you first map out your needs. Not doing so can result into a) too many planners or 2) too few. So, what’s the ‘Just right’ system for you?
Currently I use 3 planners.
The lilac 2015 Kikki-k A5
This planner is my go-to place to get all of my creative juices out. Here I decorate the weekly pages by theme and share with my Instagram buddies.

I know right? She is so pretty. ‘Coz she was my first born (planner), I christened and named her SONIA. That’s the name I always wanted for myself, now she can have it. Lol. I can almost hear some of you say, ‘what nonsense’. but seriously, my planner addict friends would know the feeling of naming your planner babies.
Moving on, here’s my Filofax-style Red Planner (I like to call it SoFilo). I use it for work. I prefer to keep this fairly executive and professional looking.
I work as a Quality Assurance Specialist in an insurance company. Imagine going into meetings with a fully stacked planner full of washi tape decorations and cute owl stickers. Not cool, right?
The last and the most functional of them all is my Turquoise/mint/teal/green-like faux leather Webster Pages’ Color Crush-style personal planner in A6. (I like to call it SoCrushed). I was this close to getting the Color Crush one but then I found its made of leather and I am a vegan. Need I say more?
That completes my functional everyday list of planners. I am also a proud owner of a few more journals for inspiration, art and goal-setting which I will share with you guys soon.
Until then, enjoy life. 🙂
Psst: These pretty planners except the Kikki-k, will soon be in my shop if you want to purchase them.