Making small spaces pretty

Hello lovelies! So, recently I changed rooms- funnily I volunteered to move from a much larger master bedroom into this room half the size of my previous abode. Believe me it was the best decision I made ‘coz the way the room has turned out so snug, glam and FUN with capital ‘F’.

Small rooms can actually be fun to decorate. Yes, there’s challenge at every step, especially with rented houses like mine. Either you can’t drill hooks on the wall, or paint them. And the way the room is spaced out it can be a real pain in the arse. But hey, that’s where creative heads find comfort, in turning out an impossible task into a piece of beauty. That’s what I told myself.  As soon as I walked into the empty room, ideas kept hitting me left right and centre. I wanted this room to scream S-T-Y-L-E. Well, the room’s still in the making and there’s a lot to do.

With a fashion sense in my head, I basically turned every little space into a glam corner (or I tried). The very first thing I did was laying out the furniture. Remind you I had to fit in my double sized bed, my desk, and an IKEA Kappax book shelf. Boy, was it hard to get it all in!! The toughest part being over, it was room decor time.  

The wall above my desk looked quite sad being empty so what better way to brighten their mood with pretty pictures. TIP- Small rooms can get very claustrophobic if you cram too much in them. To turn this into a gallery wall, I opted for just 4 white photo frames with pretty pictures simply downloaded from Tumblr and Pinterest and hung them using command strips and a command hook.

With my night stand, I had to come up with something innovative. Until I don’t have a proper table, I thought I’ll just use my two pretty boxes to act as my night stand for now.

My everyday perfume (Marc Jacobs Daisy for Women) rests with Vogue’s Spetember 2015 issue and a DIY Vogue box I made.

With the space behind the door I had to make sure that it’s given much love too and what better way to show love than to have a pretty view of the Eiffel Tower and Paris typography decal.

Overall I love the way this room has turned out. I am so obsessed with my room right now, guys, I swear I can live here forever. It exudes such an energetic vibe that the instant I set my foot in, I am happy – for no reason.


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