DIY designer candles

Hi there lovelies! So, I have been waching these designer candles all over Tumblr and Pinterest. But these can be so expensive to purchase. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the budget for this kind of indulgence. So I decided to make my own instead. If you are a DIY lover, here’s an easy 4-step process.

Step 1- Stick a tissue paper on an A4 printing paper.

Step 2. Download your favourite images from the computer- sky’s the limit. I opted for designer logos. Print them on the paper you prepared (as shown above). The image should transfer on the tissue paper.

Step 3. Next cut out the image according to the size of the candle and wrap it around the candle. Now, wrap a baking paper around the tissue paper.

TIP- the cheaper the candle the better will be the results.

Step 4. Now the fun part- warming up the image so it melts away into the candle with no residue of the tissue paper whatsoever. You can either use a blow dryer (recommended) or use a tea light.  Remember, working with fire can be dangerous, please follow all safety measures in order to do this. I’d hate to see you injured.

As the heat builds up, the baking paper starts shining. This is when you know the image is transferring on the candle. I was soooo excited at this point, lol!

If the above process does not make sense, you can watch this video below where I got my tutorial from, This girl, obviously is a pro at it, so you’ll be in safer hands. 🙂 Let her know I sent you. (Danica, thanks for sharing this lovely video)


DIY Designer CandlesIf you happen to make these awesome candles, please remember to tag me. My Instagram account is called @She_Plans_Everything

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