How I planned my first trip to New York

Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by. I wanted to share my surprise and delight at finding out that any dream, big or small can come true. I never thought I would do this post in this life. New York was a far-fetched dream that never felt possible until this email that said: WOULD YOU LIKE TO WORK BACKSTAGE AT A RUNWAY SHOW IN NEW YORK, LONDON OR PARIS…Now who could refuse an offer of that magnitude?

For those who do not know my background, I am a stylist-in-the-making, a planner addict and a fashion/lifestyle blogger. I was a fashion designer some time back, but after we moved to Australia I never considered that as a career. But as they say, old sparks of passion die hard. I started a course in Professional Styling. 

So, why am I going to New York? I am going to work backstage as a Dresser at the New York Collections Runway Fashion Show in the Big Apple. Even though it is a volunteer position and all costs must be borne by me, I did not think of this as a negative even once. Imagine being in New York working backstage with designers, make up artists, models, and being an important part of the entire crew putting up the show!! It definitely feels like I could be up to something here. 

So, for those who are wondering, what does a dresser do? A dresser plays a key role in the show, dressing models and getting them ready to hit the runway on time. They must be very swift so models are carrying the outfit as it is meant to be styled and make their way on the ramp at the precise time.  It can get pretty hectic when there are a number of looks they need to change back to back.

I practically had exactly 10 days to leave for New York!! Whattt??? And it was my first time to the States. And I was running very low on my budget as I have another overseas trip planned ages ago. Real real challenge. But my mind was obviously made up.

The first day I got news that I was selected, my stomach was literally in knots. To get my brain to work properly was key now. There was no time to spare on trivial things including my panic or excitement. I can deal with all that later. Right now, it was showtime, baby. Time for real action.

The first 3 things I did:

  1. Book my flight tickets
  2. Apply for my visa or ESTA
  3. Arrange for my accommodation

I used my personal size planner like a bible to plan out my entire trip and the gorgeous Kate Spade large notepad to make endless lists and scribble random notes.

My teal planner has 4 page dividers.

  1. To-do (For a quick glance of what I need to do before travel etc.)
  2. Bills (to keep track while I was away).
  3. Travel log while I am in New York- to log everyday highlights so I can do a blog post when I get back.
  4. Expenses

The large notepad by Kate Spade was my go-to list pad to plan everything for the trip. This has my shopping lists, lists for my carry-on and main luggage, all contact numbers at New York, websites to check out accommodation deals etc.

11935593_10153665165033678_9156204728573837439_nI fly in 3 days and I have a multitude of things to check off my list. Hopefully I can do another post on what outfits I am carrying for the week. It was fun putting them together.

Thank you so much for reading. Please leave your comments, suggestions or simply share your first sudden trip to some place you’d never imagined you’d ever go to. I’d love to hear them.

Until then, take care. Wish me luck. I need lots of it right now.