Vegetarian kids lunchbox ideas

Amidst our busy schedules as working parents juggling between work and family, we often tend to forget how important it is for our kids to eat healthy. Besides providing a healthy dinner it is equally important to watch what they eat throughout the day. Proper nutrition in their growing years will make sure they develop into healthy adults with an active body and an alert mind. 

So let’s talk about some easy lunchbox ideas that take only minutes to put together if planned in advance. I try to include healthy low GI carbs, fruits and nuts in his diet. There’s always a ‘naughty’ treat in his box which acts as a strong motivation for him to eat the healthy stuff. 

And remember to keep it simple and make it colourful. Also recommended is to check with the school if nuts are allowed. I know most schools in Australia are nut-free. 

Let’s take a look at what last week’s lunch boxes looked like for my 9 year old boy. 


  • Fruit break- red and green grapes
  • Recess- Crackers and cheese
  • Lunch- Indian lemon rice with strawberries and chocolate chips. 


  • Fruit break- banana
  • Recess – rice crackers, coconut macaroon
  • Lunch- Triple layered sandwich with Nuttlex (substitute for butter), peanut butter and fruit conserve. 
  • Snack- Trail mix and grapes for after-school hours. 


  • Fruit break- 1 Red apple 
  • Recess- rice crackers and cheese
  • Lunch- Upma (a savoury Indian snack made of semolina)
  • Snack- Trail mix and oranges


  • Fruit break- green and red grapes 
  • Recess- vegan homemade banana protein slices using coconut flour
  • Lunch- spinach paratha (an Indian roti/flatbread) and juice
  • Snack- almonds with chocolate chips 


  • Fruit break- 1 Red apple 
  • Recess- sesame snaps and cashews
  • Lunch- sandwich made with a curry filling (cabbage and lentils)

Weekend day out- Sammy had a play date with his bestie to the mini golf in our area. Being a vegetarian I generally pack his meals for him so he doesn’t miss out on eating due to lack of veg options. 

So for this play date he got to enjoy some cucumber roll ups, cashews, Kellogs Chex, cucumber and popcorn. 

One thing I did not mention was how important it is for these little bodies to stay hydrated. It took constant reminders, lots of reward stickers, h2o challenges, setting up water buddies to get my kid to consume water. Still work in progress but the results so far is amazing! 

I hope this post gave you some ideas of how easily you can put a healthy meal together for your kids. Just a little bit of planning ahead and lots of love for your little ones is all it takes to make meal prepping quick and fun. 

Until next time,