Spring is here!!

OMG Spring is finally here. And it came with two more of its friends-Steptember and Sneezes. I’m not too sure if I start counting my steps or sneezes. Hmmm. Probably steps. ?????

If you were not part of the Sydney weather this winter you’d have no idea why we Sydneysiders are whewing that big sigh of relief. I’ve seen a decade of winters in this city but for some reason this one hit me real hard. What about you? Did the flu bug bite you too…more than once this time. Gosh!! Tell me about it. 

Anyways the important thing is that that terrible season is behind us now and we can all start to come out of our hibernation and thick woolen coats and start to show some skin. Hehehe. Yay to you if you’ve been working out at the gym all this winter. As for me, nay. ? 

But it’s never too late, eh? After a good 6 months of no gymming all I needed was an easy do-able program to kick start the workout routine. Lucky I came across Betty Rocker’s 30 days Make Fat Cry Challenge online. Why I chose this program? 

  1. It’s free. No catch. 
  2. It only takes 15 minutes. Get in get out. That’s what I like. 
  3. Can be done anywhere. 
  4. No gym equipments required. 

The best part? Everyday you receive an email with the workout video BUT BUT BUT #waitforit ….the video link expires in 24 hours. How good is that? #fomo right? Works. Every. Time. 

Today is my Day 3 of the challenge and I love it so far. Check her out here if this is something you want for yourself. She also gives you a pdf of the workout for future reference. Pretty neat huh. Just tick the days off in your fitness journal while the fat melts off. 

Good luck. Get excited. Let the adventure begin.