Halloween Planner Layout- On a Budget

Let’s make this quick and useful. This layout on my Ban.do agenda planner has ? HALLOWEEN ? written all over it. Best part, it only cost me $0, it’s FREE.

If you’re a planner addict and buy your planner stickers from Etsy, you’d know that a weekly layout for an Erin Condren or a Happy Planner can range anywhere from $22 plus shipping. God forbid if you are an overseas buyer. International shipping can be around $18. No doubt that the sticker sheets you receive makes life so much easier when you just peel and stick. However this could be a very pricey affair week after week. But again if you’re time poor or lack the know-how to make your own stickers then there are so many talented Etsy sellers doing this for you.

But if you like making your own layout, you will save a lot of money.  At the time, I always made my own stickers. Never believed in spending money for what you can DIY. Yes it can take much longer than a ready-to-use sticker sheet but that’s the whole point. To be immersed in the joy of creating something with your own mind, seeing it in print, cutting paper, gluing it …all the craftsy stuff. (Psst…Art and craft are also known to have a therapeutic effect for stress release…just saying).

In this layout I used the FREE PRINTABLE from Vintage Glam Studio. Mixed it with some DIY stickers and voila. The free printable from Vintage Glam Studio were sized for the Erin Condren and The Happy Planner by MeAndMyBigIdeas but back then I didn’t own either. They left a lot of white space in the boxes of my Ban.do agenda which is how I like to write.

You can download this printable from their website by clicking on the image. You’ll be directed to the website where you will find heaps of similar free printable.

Halloween theme layout

I made those cute little stickers using an app called Pic Collage. The app is free but some of the stickers you have to purchase. They are quite reasonable; ranging from $1.50 to $2.99. I think this one was free. Can’t remember.

You can download the collage I made for free but only for personal use. Pic collage holds the exclusive copyright of these images so please do not use it for commercial use without their explicit permission.

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Happy decorating. Wish you a very spooky Halloween this year. (Evil laugh ?)

Lots of spooky love ?