Work off those Halloween treats

spooky-workout-posterThe candy tasted great but the extra sugar  can be “haunting”.

We are all time poor with busy lives but just as you brush your teeth, taking time to workout should be part of your day.

Some people will tell you that cardio is the best way to lose weight others will say weight lifting is the only thing you need but as the little girl on the Old El Paso ad says “por que no los dos?” (Why not both?) because on my weight loss and weight gain journey that I’ve been on my whole life I have experienced different things.

Weight lifting only, I  lost weight only slightly but not enough to see a big difference with cardio only obviously increases my fitness which is great for my heart but I did not tone up, get strong, get confident. But with High intense interval cardio and weight lifting I continue to see an improvement in my body day by day.

Mix it up! Have fun with your workouts, find a good routine that works for you, include high intensity interval training, weight lifting and throw in a few boxing classes and you’ll see what a difference it will make to your body, inside and out.

Through my posts I would love to take you on my journey, introduce anyone interested in veganism, weight loss or weightlifting (or all 3) and show you what has worked for me!

Below is a 15 minute full body gym workout (that I was super nervous to film). Using a barbell and a dumbbell that you feel you can get through 12 slow and controlled reps however still challenging yourself with.

workout-video-imageYou can also print the Full body workout – click here

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Light and love,