What’s in my Pantry

 Before we get into too many recipes, I thought I would share with you what’s in my pantry. The ingredients I use are simple and stuff you can get in your local supermarket.

I love looking at food on social media, sometimes I click on the link and read the recipe. The recipe for me, needs to be simple, and preferably made in one bowl. If there is an ingredient that I don’t know, or something that is super expensive, there is no chance that I’m going to make it.

Where do I shop? I only shop in local supermarkets and green grocers. Sometimes  big chain chemists have good deals on chia seeds and super foods. Aldi has good weekly specials and IGA have a wide variety of brands that the big chains don’t stock. We recently joined Costco and I LOVE IT!! You can buy everything in bulk so you don’t have to go shopping as often.

This is my latest haul. You can see I shop everywhere. I try to buy organic when it’s on sale because it can be quite expensive otherwise. Below is a list of my must haves in my pantry. You can print it out and take it with you when you go shopping. Don’t be overwhelmed, you don’t need to get everything at once, just a pick up a few and build on it each week/month.

Amy’s Table Pantry shopping list – click here

How do I store all these delicious ingredients? I hate having packets in my pantry. They make it really difficult to find anything, they fall over and spill and they can get pushed all the way to the back of the shelf never to be seen again. I use jars and containers. Clear plastic or glass so I can see what is in there. As you can see, they don’t all match, and that’s ok.


These glass jars are from coconut oil. They are the best. About 1 litre so will fit the contents of almost any packet. If the label comes off first wash, great. If not, oh well.glass-jars
These plastic ones are from my friends honey farm. Nothing better than raw honey straight from the hive. These are a bit less than a litre and great because they are lighter than glass. You can see these have been well used.


Why buy more containers when you paid for the jars already!

What do you keep stocked in your pantry?

How do you organise your pantry? I’d love to know.

CLICK HERE for my pantry shopping list

Stay tuned for  more of my recipes and my fresh food shopping list.

Amy xx