Thankful without Turkey


Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated by most Americans and Canadians, a ritual  originally brought over from old English traditions to give thanks for the harvest of the year. I read a fact that 45 million turkeys are slaughtered annually in the United States alone for Thanksgiving for no other reason than a really old tradition!

Serving turkey at the table was a tradition from the pilgrims and this has been passed down through generations and has become the symbolic meal for Thanksgiving. However how does a dead bird on the table really symbolise that you are thankful?

Give turkeys a reason to give thanks and turn these outdated traditions vegan.

Transitioning into a vegan lifestyle or being able to find meat substitutes to help ease those non-vegan urges is super easy and really are delicious.

Some great options for your meat-less main can be Tofurkey, the word Tofurkey is a cominbation of Tofu and Turkey and it is faux turkey in the form of a loaf which is usually made from tofu (soybeans) or seitan (wheat) with a stuffing made from breadcrumbs, veggie broth and herbs and spices. This can be prepared with all your favourite roast veggie sides. You can buy Tofurkey online from The Cruelty Free Shop. If you want some more info on Tofurky check out

Some other great meat subsitutes have a look the freezer or chiller section of your supermarket. A few of my favourites are the Linda McCartney Food range which makes great sausages and sausge rolls. Fry’s has mouth watering nuggets and schintzels which a chock full of protein! You’ll be sure to find something you love and never feel like your missing out.


Why not impress your guests with a homemade dessert. Your options are endless with pumpkin or apple pies, pecan tarts, cookies, cakes and triffles.

Check out pintrest for some great vegan ideas and reciepes!


So let’s keep the turkey off our plates this Thanksgiving, discover the options, variety and great alternatives we have out there!

Our animal friends will thank us for it.