Dealing with bad times

We all know life goes round in cycles. Have you closely observed when the wheel of fortune turns from good to bad and back to good again? I have been tracking these phases in my life to see how long the ‘bad’ time lasts. Over time, I have come up with a simple coping mechanism any one can follow.

img_5297Life teaches us a lot. Through its ups and downs we learn to survive. Been there myself. Who hasn’t. The photo above was taken by accident by my son not so long ago. I remember we came out in the park and although I tried my best to keep that smile going for him, my eyes said it all. The way I learnt to deal with bad times has seen myself get out of pretty messy life situations quite quickly using these 5 steps.

1. Accept –You cannot change what you do not accept. But this can be pretty hard to start with. The way I do it is surrender to His Will, understanding this is Life and its the same for everyone. We go through some pleasant and some horrible times. You cannot control what is not in your hands. So, let go.

2. Count your blessings. The power of gratitude is immense. I use my gratitude journal to write down my thankful thoughts and always date them. Before I sit down to write, I read my previous grateful thoughts. This raises my vibes to start seeing things with gratitude and list them down. By the time I finish, which is about 20-25 minutes, there’s always tears rolling down my cheeks. What I feel in my heart is inexplicable, its like having a silent conversation with Him, in a language only Him and I understand. You instantly feel His presence, watching you, blessing you.

img_91943. Slow down. One has to be fully aware they have entered the downhill cycle to be able to consciously slow down. Life is so busy for us; most of us are going at full speed. It takes some extent of mindfulness to reassess where you are at life and pause for a bit. Slowing down helps us evaluate our priorities, clear our heads, steer into a different direction if need be. Practice meditation. Start with just one minute everyday of observing the breath.

4. Think twice- This comes with slowing down. Mind your words. Guard your actions. Give second, third, as many thoughts as you can before saying or acting on an impulse, You do not want to make it worse or to regret hugely later. One good tool to use is the – ‘What if..’ scenarios. Going through every imaginable pros and cons can closely guarantee the best outcome of your actions. Once again, do not overthink. You are not in control, remember?

5. Find inspiration- Books are your best friends. Read a motivational story, watch motivation speakers on TedX. I personally have a few speakers who are my go-to gurus when I feel low and hope comes to an end. Use this phase to learn new things, something you can use as a power tool when life gets brighter again. Instead of sulking and venting how life sucks, use this precious time to gather a new skill. Now is the time. You know you will get busy again as soon as things start to look up.

Now get excited. You know why? Because this too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever. Law of Nature. Trust me, the good fortune that follows after the bad is usually a super duper big one. In fact, when the going gets tough, I cant help but wonder what’s coming next. It’s almost like God’s way to reward us for our patience, our courage to not let go of hope, for continuing to be grateful, no matter what.

So, when the sun sets on the horizon, its time to roll up your sleeves and prepare for the next big opportunity. Good luck happens when hard work meets opportunity.

You will see. Just BELIEVE.

“We cannot control the sea, but we can learn to surf the waves”

Hang in there. Good times are just round the corner.



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  1. This is so inspiring and filled with positivity. I needed to read this to lift myself up from where I was descending.

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