My vegan weightloss journey

I have lost 15kgs in 5 months, have gained muscle, confidence and am learning to love my bumps, lines and wobble. I am no super or fitness model, I am me and when I’m not feeling well or am down about a bad day (usually because I didn’t eat well) I remind myself how far I have come and get excited about the journey ahead. Understand and love your body, doing that will make you want to nourish it and not punish it.

I have been vegan for almost 2 years and with a crazy obsession with food, bad habits of eating junk food can be cruelty free too! Gaining almost 10kgs and only training when I could be bothered (which was nearly never)  I knew it was time to get myself motivated again!

It’s not until I really started to understand more about a plant based life style, calculating my macros (grams of carbohydrates, protein and fat I need per meal) and mixing up my workouts is when I saw consistent results.

I learnt and am inspired by so many different vegan trainers, with this new inspiration and all my previous knowledge of lifting I knew this was going to be my new life!

There is so much to learn at the gym and a lot of people tell me how they are not confident enough to go in and start lifting weights. I understand, I once felt like that too. I had a personal trainer for a little while that taught me a lot of basic movements, though a personal trainer can be expensive she really was helpful. However I also look for beginner workouts online, basic movements with videos and pictures. I always pick a few exercises per body part and keep that as a 4 week workout. I always start at light weight to ensure I get my movement and form perfect and week by week add more weight. Once I have perfected that workout I change it up and learn a new bunch of exercises per body part!  I always try finish off my workout with a 15 min High Intensity Interval cardio run.

Becoming a vegan I wanted to ensure I was giving my body everything it needed so that I did not need to take supplements. The only supplement I do take is vitamin b12 as this is only found in animal based foods. However eating a plant based diet is all about non-processed vegan food and all good things like grains, legumes, lots of vegetables and fruit are full of vitamins, minerals, and learning about them and understanding what each food has to fuel my body to get through the day plus an awesome workout is so important. I’m stronger, leaner and fitter than I have ever been in my life without eating meat, eggs and diary so don’t let anyone ever question where you get your protein from if you do decide to ditch them all!

I was always scared of eating complex carbohydrates but understanding them a little better, choosing the right ones and knowing how much your body needs allowed me to add them back into my diet. Things like sweet potato, brown pasta, brown rice and whole grain wraps are delicious and are a great base for any lunch dish. Sugar on the other hand is my enemy, as like a lot of people I have a sweet tooth and finding out that things like Oreos are vegan can be dangerous (Finishing a whole packet is super easy for me). A quick easy option to carving the crave is to make my own protein balls this way I get the natural sweetness of dates and still get the protein hit.

Take things day by day, if you have a bad meal don’t let it turn into a bad day or week. Keep yourself moving, if you miss a gym session take your dog for an extra long walk and remember this is not a diet this is your life that needs to be maintained and staying consistent will show you the results you want.

Love Jess xx