The twisted drape of a Sari

No I’m not going to bore you to death with what a Sari is and the history of the 9 yard fabric. That stuff can be googled. But yes what I am going to tell you, in fact ask you is that- HOW MANY WAYS CAN A SARI BE DRAPED? Google will tell you 108 ways but ask Dolly Jain, a celebrity sari draper based in Kolkata, also a winner in the Limca book of records for draping a sari in 18.5 seconds says she has draped saris in 325 ways and counting. Now that’s what I call a record!!

Ok… hear this out. There’s actually a school of sari, a legit Sari Styling workshop. Rta Kapur Chishti is a Textile scholar and she has revived the sari and taken it at a whole new level. She has documented 108 ways of draping a sari in her book Sari: Tradition and Beyond and a few of which are taught at a sari-styling workshop called “The Sari School”. “It’s not a class meant for teaching people how to wear a sari,” says Chishti. “People have lost regional identity because of greater urbanisation. The question is how to re-introduce the sari in another form.”

I happen to know one such name, who puts sari draping into practice and not in the traditional way, but in her own unique way. Meet Anita Sharma, an International singing sensation, the utterly glamorous woman with a golden voice. When Anita Sharma is on stage, she owns it, sets it on fire with her vibrant presence, leaving a permanent impression on the minds of her ever increasing millions of fans all over the world!

Anitaji has also had the Honor of sharing the stage with some of the Top Bollywood artists in Bollywood Industries such as Sunidhi Chauhan, Sonu Nigam, Shawn, Neha Kakkar, Himesh Reshamiya, Kumar Sanu and many other esteemed celebrities.

It is my good fortune that I have known Anita Sharma for a good 2 years now but in such short time she’s now a loving name in the family. Despite of that, one hidden talent escaped my eye when I found out that she is also a great sari designer and always drapes a sari with a modern twist.

See some of her creations.

A sari that is designed to be worn as a gown.

A pant teemed with a top with sari draped stylishly.

How amazing is that!!

I had always dreaded wearing a sari but this whole new world of styling opened up so many unique ways to drape this fabric. Pleat it, tuck it, tie it, belt it.

From Dread to Drape, lets celebrate women, lets celebrate style.